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Attractive Floors Are A Big Selling Point

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Everyone who puts their home or business on the market wants top dollar for it. Many factors are taken into consideration when a prospective buyer and/or their real estate agent decides on the asking price. When setting a number, it’s important to consider the conditions of the interior. The status of its flooring is a hugely important component in that formula. If the carpeting is old and frayed or the existing wood floors are irreparably damaged, it could ruin the appeal of the whole property.

If your house or company space is already on the market or in the preparation stages, look to Victors Carpet and Flooring to give it beautiful hard-surface floors inside and out. From redoing the floors of the garage, patio, entryway and basement to staining, sealing and coating patios, driveways and walkways, our experts will do an A+ job. The staff at Victors Carpet and Flooring are authorities at crafting interior and exterior floor surfaces to become their absolute best.

People who are actively or considering selling their home or business that has less-than-stellar flooring must know this:

  • Flooring surfaces that look fresh and inviting are hugely alluring.

  • Even if the rest of the interior strikes a possible buyer’s fancy, the sight of unappealing floors can send them away forever.

  • After their purchase, many buyers don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on immediate replacements and upgrades. The prospect of having to live with ratty carpeted and/or dull, pitted, scraped or warped hardwood floors that will remain there until they can afford to have them repaired is a major turn-off.

  • The unappealing existing flooring can easily become a negotiating point that’s not in your favor.

The highly skilled and customer-friendly pros at Victors Carpet and Flooring can determine the right kind of treatment to make your floors spectacular. They can erase years off of their appearance and deliver the results you expect. With the abundance of flooring types we offer, options abound! Please call us at 216-622-5681. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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